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need to allow sub-folder through netscaler

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Dear all

we have published url 

https://abc/com/ for outside users and we have block /admin for external users now we want to publish another subfolder on the same URL.


 we have already block /admin through responder policy and we want to publish the same URL on the outside user but admin should not open 


please help on this 

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You have a few options, and it will depend on how you've set up your blocking policy.

1. If you're using something like a content switching virtual server to handle the /admin requests, create a policy for /admin/api/club and order it above the other (lower bind number). This will allow that policy to execute first.

2. Update your first policy to read something like HTTP.REQ.URL.STARTSWITH("/admin") && !HTTP.REQ.URL.EQ("/admin/api/club"). That will allow the subpath URL through but block all others.


Hope that helps.

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