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Netscaler Gateway SSL VPN 12.1 Experiencing connectivity with AD after logged in.

Jamey Evans

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This is a window 10 PC running the Citrix Gateway that was installed from my VPN endpoint.  This PC is a member of a domain and logged in using a domain user account.

After connecting everything appears normal however there does appear to be an issue that I assume is related to communication to the back-end Active Directory environment for some authentication calls.


There is no split tunneling and I do have authorization rules in play.


  • Outlook - Runs fine and can communicate and authenticate with the exchange servers
  • Transparent Web Proxy - Prompts me for Authentication like it could not detect the security context of my user account. However after logging in with my account at the browser prompt everything works.
  • Network Drives - Existing network devices do not reconnect and any attempt to reconnect them or authenticate to any UNC path fails with the Microsoft Authentication error "The system cannot contact a domain controller to service the authentication request. Please try again later."


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I am currently experiencing the same issues. Did someone fix this issue or even had this aswell?

Im running Citrix Gateway 12.1 and using SSLVPN. Basically everything works fine, but when I try to click on one of my mapped network drives, it always prompts me for authentication with the error message "Could not contact Domain controller" - after manually entering the credentials, it authenticates successfully and network drive can be used afterwards.

Since my clients did use SSL VPN from Sophos before where this was never an issue and network drives just reconnected after establishing a VPN connection by themselves without any authentication mechanisms, i would want to implement this again. 

Guess I will have to raise a support ticket as well, or is this a 12.1 build thing which is fixed in 13.0?

NetScaler build is: 12.1 61.18


Basically the same issue Jamey had.


Thanks very much in advance

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