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WEM Config Set Management Best Practices

Adam H


I am pretty new to WEM and wondering what are some best practices for implementing policies in your environment and "migrating" settings from dev to test and prod.  Based on what I have been able to pick up on I am leaning toward something like this but wondering what everyone else out there is doing:


InstanceA-v2019.09rev1-PRD - Assign to Prod agents

InstanceA-V2019.10rev2-DEV - Copy of PRD with mods for testing in dev; assigned to dev agents

InstanceA-V2019.10rev1-TST - Copy of DEV policy "rev" modified to reflect revision and applied to test machine agents. "rev" incremented each time policy is moved from dev to test.


To migrate changes, policies are renamed and assignments modified as appropriate (AD Objects & Assignments)

All new policies begin in dev as copies of their PRD environment policy and modified from the copy.  (*Have not yet found a means of copying a config set)

All PRD policies being replaced would perhaps be renamed to ARC (archive) and retained for a period of time for rollback purposes.


Hopefully I conveyed my ideas in a way that they make sense.

Thoughts?  What is everyone else doing today?  I want to nail down a solid process in the beginning so we aren't bitten down the road.



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