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Store Front Certificate mismatch




I setup a lab with netscaler, i 'm going to setup the internal NLB for store front.

Certificate is self-signed certificate and trusted with the workstation.


The SAN is looking on store front Server Group Base URL?

I create three SANs for the test, vdi.domain.com, vdicb.domain.com, vdibc.domain.com which match the SANs. 



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You work with Self-Signed Certificates, and try to connect with your browser to one of the mentioned URL and fail?


As I understand, when you work with a self-signed certificate always the CA and the url that you call needs to be the same. IF the url name and the CA does not match you see the certificate error in your browser. So ir you call vdi.domain.com, but the CA is for server.domain.com.


Can you please upload a print of the error?

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36 minutes ago, Nicolaacutes Ventre said:

Ok, the Certificate error is because the CA is self-signed, and always that the CA is self-signed the browser show an error with the certificate. I understand that the only way to avoid this error is with a Trusted Certificate. But the certificate error does not mean that doesen't work.

When you try to login you see some error?



Hi Nicolas,

Do I have any miss configuration?  

It storefront is working even there have certificate error...

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