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LDAP monitor on TCP 636

Abhijith KS

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Hi All,


I have a LDAP VIP running on TCP port 636, when I bind the LDAPS monitor I am getting probe failed. All the parameters in the monitor match the one's given by the AD team. When I put a capture, the only thing that I see is I am not receiving a server hello from the server, although we haven't imported the server root certificate on the load balancer yet. I would assume that atleast the server hello with the certificate should be sent.

Also the server supports only TLS 1.0.

Kindly assist/please correct me if I am wrong somewhere.

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Sanity check: the IP & port in the monitor is blank (= use service's IP & port)? The monitor has "secure" enabled?

Double check the monitor LDAP settings.


Generally, NS isn't too worried about validating the server cert, it just wants to get the SSL working. TLS 1.0 *should* be ok, I think....

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