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Sealing and Optimizing - Process and Tools

Greg Kern1709161105


We use MCS to provision Machines, based on VMware-based Snapshots.  Just wanted to ask about "Sealing" vs. "Optimizing", and when these are done (e.g., Have just created a new Base Image, what then, OR, have just updated my Template and am about to create a new Snap, what then...).  A recent post from James Kindon notes the 2 tools he recommends -- BIS-F and Citrix Optimizer -- so just looking for input on the Process.  We're adding App Layering in the near future.  Thanks --


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Citrix optimiser helps to optimise your image by removing useless crap - you typically only need to run this once, however BIS-F can run it at each sealing event 


BIS-F you run at every single image change prior to releasing the image. You run it, shutdown and update catalogs. If you turn the image back on to make changes, run it again before releasing 

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I did some Updates today on my UAT Master and then ran BIS-F.... Shut down, created a Snap, Updated my UAT Catalog...


Seems to have broken my Office 2016 apps:  I click Excel, for example, and I get the splash screen but the app never opens...  Task Manager shows Excel.exe running for about 30 seconds, and then it disappears...


Any thoughts on this?

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