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Windows VM Tools Best Practices Reboot?

Jan Rasche


Hi Community,


What is the best practice to update the VM Tools on Windows machines? Do this Windows VMs need a reboot after updating the tools?

The installer did not ask for any reboot.

In the documentation also no word about a reboot under windows. Only that XenCenter will post a hint, if this would be needed.

So I did not reboot.
After a colleague later installling Windows Updates in this 2016 Server machines network was dead after reboot.


(We use Citrix Hypervisor Current Edition 8.0 with Standard License.)


Thanks, Jan

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Thats kind of odd that you weren't prompted for a restart, the upgrade of the network drivers

will require one if they were upgraded. It could be that you already had the latest network

dirvers via windows updates, but yea, I always see a restart after installing the management

agent I assume you are installing the latest ?




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