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Microsoft Teams in a shared desktop environment

Dogukan Oumlzdemir




We are using MCS to deploy shared desktop machines for our users. For the userprofile we use a combination of folder redirection, citrix profilemanagement and FSlogix.


After a lot of try and error I still did not get teams to run without freezing in every user session. 


Isn't there a way to run Microsoft Teams in this environment?? We really depend on Teams to run on Citrix...



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Follow this link to stay in the KNOW;  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/multimedia/opt-ms-teams.html


As of today, Teams is still not ready for prime time.


What I can tell you is, do not use folder redirection on AppData (in general too), Teams App is write intensive.

We do not use UPM as well.  Good ole' roaming profiles w/Teams runs ok, CPU usage is only issue for now.  We also exclude the Teams folder from roaming with GPO setting.  So, each time the user logs back in, it is like Teams resets brand new which helps with any possible corruption.  You don't want that junk to roam anyway.

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