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Application State Prelogon Forever - 7.15 LTSR CU4

Jason Robinson CTX ADMIN


I am in the process of building out a 7.15 XenApp farm to replace our 6.5 farm and I currently have a basic setup in place but have run into an issue once I tried testing.


The setup is as follows:


1x Delivery Controller

1x Studio Server

1x StoreFront

1x Licensing Server

2x App Servers


All servers are Windows Server 2016 and all the Citrix components were built the Same ISO 7.15.4000.  There is no PVS or MCS.  The servers are VMs running in VMware with NSX running.  I have absolutely no administrative powers within VMware, I have to rely on others to do their jobs correctly.


I put up Notepad and Calculator in a delivery group and all is well when I login to StoreFront but when I launch either app, I get the dreaded Windows Sign-in box with the spinning wheel.  The session state shows as Connected and application state is Prelogon, my latest attempt has been spinning for over an hour.  There are no errors in Event Viewer on any of the servers.  I read somewhere about RDS timebomb and I was running on the temp RDS licenses but went ahead and put the actual licensing in place and removed the timebomb registry key with no noticeable difference.  At the moment I am also running on temp Citrix licenses as I am waiting on procurement to do their job.  I really don't know what else to check and I am on a time crunch to get this environment up and running so we can ditch the 6.5 farm before the 2008 R2 EOL date in January.


Any and all help will be very appreciated.



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So I finally cracked this nut and it came down to a Group Policy setting.  Here is what I did to figure this out.


For giggles, I enabled desktop publishing and launched a desktop.  To my surprise I was greeted with a login screen asking me for my password.  I put in my password and the desktop launched.  With the desktop still running I attempted to launch the application and got the same issue as before, just a blue box with the spinning wheel.  This got me thinking and realized that when I launched the desktop it prompted me for my credentials again which it shouldn't do.  I checked Group Policy and found 2 policies enabled, specifically these:


Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Connection Client\Prompt for credentials on the client computer

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Session Host\Security\Always prompt for password upon connection


Once I disabled these everything worked perfectly.  I have some slow logon issues to resolve but the main issue is now resolved.

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4 hours ago, Ganesh Raju said:

Sessions might get stuck at prelogon state due to various reasons.

RDS Licensing issue is just one of them. Please resolve if any RDS Licensing errors or warnings.

If you still observe issue, please try registry key suggested in below article



RDS licensing has been taken care of and there are no RDS license errors.  I already put that registry change in place with no affect.  I'm still waiting on my actual Citrix licenses.


I built the same setup in a different environment and it works perfectly.  Something in this production environment is causing the issue but unfortunately I don't have any insight into anything beyond the servers I am installing Citrix on.  I'm leaning toward an issue with NSX.


It is odd though.  If I check netstat, I see that a connection is being established on port 2598 and if I turn off session reliability it will establish on 1494 but yet that circle keeps on spinning.


Thank you for the suggestion Ganesh, but my issue still remains.

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