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Virtual Desktop graphic artifacts

Martin Rose


We have configure a new Citrix environment and we have a issue with graphic artifacts.. I hope someone can help us.


We get complaints from users they work in Citrix Virtual Desktop. They experience the problem periodically graphic artifacts in applications, if they minimize applications, the Windows background have a lot of big pixels. After 15-20 secounds its gone and it work perfectly again. They are only using browser, Navision. Nothing graphics demanding...





They are using HP T520 (thin clients). The first thing i tried was updating the Citrix Workspace App and then update graphic card. I have found another forum post, where this was the solution.


Then we tried on a normal computer, but also here we get the issue. But it's still only in Virtual Desktop full screen mode..


We have tested from other networks, and its doesnt matter. It's still the same..



Citrix environment setup

backend servers (Windows Server 2016 64x bit):

  • 2x Delivery Controller, Storefont and Director
    • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops 7 1811.1
  • 1x Licenses server
    • Citrix Licensing
  • 1x Profile server


6x Frontend servers:

  • Windows Server 2016 64x bit
  • 4 Cores
  • 24 GB Ram
  • 80 GB Storage
  • Golden Image - VDA 1903.1



I have tried this Citrix policies, but no luck..




I have used Citrix HDX Monitor, but everything seems to be fine. I have tried Citrix Scout, but I haven't gotten anything useful.




There are only 6-10 users online at the same time. Its still in testing period. I have look on the performance in vmware, but they do almost nothing..


Backend servers have we in shared Hyperflex environment and frontend servers are vm's in other environment.


Thanks in advance...




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We have a similar issue with our IGEL clients, while users disconnect and reconnect their session on different screen resoltions.

Sometime some artefacts of closed application windows (like Outlook, Word etc) are sill on the screen and only logoff the session, solves the problem.


This appears since upgrading from 7.15 LTSR to 19.06 and still appears on 19.09. 


The IGEL OS is 10.06 with Citrix Workspace App. 


So far none of the graphical settings solved our issue.


Attached an example ...


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Hi all,


Sorry for the late answer... We have found the root cause.. ADC (Netscaler) had the wrong configuration, which means all clients on the lan site, still transferred through ADC. One more problem, is the ADC licenses was only 10 mbit. When i have tested with only my user logged on and i started a full 1080 video, then ADC goes to 10 mbit usage download/upload. When the load was 10/10 mbit, we got the artifacts in Virtual Desktop mode.


Solution: We has installed a new ADC and make a correct setup, with LAN/WAN sites..


Best regards,

Martin Rose

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@Christian Pressler

Since upgrading IGEL OS to 10.06.170 with Workspace App 19.12 the graphical artifacts have gone but in some cases there are still graphical issues like blurry icons (see attachment) - but it is much better then before.


Additionally we have changed the Visual Quality policy from "Always lossless" to default "medium".


Please let me know if this fixed your issue too ...

blurry icons.png

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Thinking the graphical issues are back, without changing anything ... when users working for a while in the session (round about 3 or 4 hours) the screen gets blurry.

(example attached). Also in the desktop black lines stay when windows are minimized and maximzied and went away after 2 or three minutes.


This comes up with IGEL OS also with Mac OS and Windows PCs using HTML5 Client and native Workspace-App


Attached are the policies that were set for graphical optimizations.







Another strange thing is, that for example the addressbar in chrome gets blurry while surfing the internet. When moving the mouse over the bar,
the addressbar gets clear again. I can reproduce this issue but cannot make a screenshot of it, because anytime to tried to make a screenshot,

the atrifact wents away :(


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