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XenServer 7.1 ceph iSCSI-gw poore performance.

Serg P




I have deployed ceph cluster with 3 nodes.

Each node contain 3*4TB HHD and linked by 10G network.

Each node at XenServer pool have 10G link to ceph cluster too.

MTU 9000 is set everywhere(CEPH, XenServer, Switch).


I tried to connect ceph iSCSI-gw to XenServer pool, but got very poore performance.

About 10MB write and 50MB read.


When I connected iSCSI-gw to bare metal server with Linux with iscsiadm I got about 120MB write and 250MB read.

After that I tried to connected iSCSI-gw direct to VM in XenServer pool and got about 100MB write and 230MB read.

iperf3 shows about 9.9G bandwidth.


So there is no trouble with links, no trouble with ceph itself.

There is some issue with XenServer iSCSI compatibility with ceph iSCSI-gw.

I can not find any errors at logs on both sides.


Is there any ideas how to bust it up or fix?


Thank you,


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