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Power Management - Peak Hours in AWS

Steven Miller1709158406



I've got a unique environment, and a question to go along with it about Power Management.


Problem: Disconnected machines are either shutting down and powering back up or logging off during Peak Hours (not sure which yet).



On-prem XenDesktop 715 LTSR CU1

No Citrix Cloud

I've added an Amazon EC2 hosting location and have Desktop VDAs (Windows 10 - BYOL) out there. These are Static Persistent machines.


Weekday .Peak Hours = 8:00am to 5:00pm - Disconnected sessions should have NOTHING done to them during peak hours

Everything else is Off Peak including weekends.



User logs onto virtual desktop at 10:00am
at 10:30 the user purposefully disconnects from his virtual, not expecting to come back until 1:00 or so (but doesn't want to logout and close running apps)
User logs back on at 1:00 and reports that all apps were shutdown and he/she is connecting to a fresh desktop 


See delivery group details attached. 



Screen Shot 2019-10-15 at 11.21.03 AM.png

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Check peak hours and off peak hours in delivery group, power management option. Change the percentage values for peakbuffersizepercent and offpeakbuffersizepercent.


I think the time at which user's VDIs are shutdown are in offpeak hours. In the screenshot I see offpeakdisconnectaction is shutdown. So, when user's disconnect their VDI, it is shutting down the VDI. 

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