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Extended ACL, implied deny at the end?

Todd Harrington

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Just have a quick question I am hoping someone knows the answer to. I have been asked to limit access to a particular CS Vserver during a change window so that no one or system can access a VIP except a handful of testers that will be testing after a database change. Seems simple enough and think I can accomplish this with an extended ACL allow the source IP's / network of the testers to the dest IP of the CS vServer... however I am wondering, is there an implicit deny at the end of the stanza after creating the ACL? I assume there is but wanted to make 100% sure that all other traffic will be denied if I setup this up in this way. 


My roots are in the Cisco world so I am used to this type of ACL but not sure if Citrix implemented ACL's in the same way as Cisco does... 


Thanks in advance for any info you can provide. 

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