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SAML 2.0 flow with Netscaler as service Provider

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Hello All,


We are planning to introduce PingID federation service to our environment, which will basically provide MFA (Customer ADFS + OTP password send to uses nominated device)


The Netscaler ADC will act as Service Provider (SP). When a user tries to access a protected application, the SP evaluates the client request. If the client is unauthenticated (does not have a valid NSC_TMAA or NSC_TMAS cookie), the SP redirects the request to the SAML Identity Provider (IdP).


We have multiple web services on same netscaler box, does above means if the client does have a valid NSC_TMAA or NSC_TMAS cookie he will be able to access all web resources on same netscaler protected by PingId without any authentication required. 


Sorry i am new to SAML :) 

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