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Re-install SDX/SVM machine in the ADC 14000 appliance

Richard Danu

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I recently obtained a Citrix/Netscaler ADC SDC appliance 14000 series. Configured LOM, mgmt IP, all good. Long story short, the local SDX vm is corrupt and gone, purged it of the disk. The SDX VM is not in "Halted Mode", and can't start due to loss of the VM image.

I tried to perform a factory reset, and it wasn't able to re-instate a factory default VM for the SDX.

I am looking to find out a way to upload the tar and re-install the SDX via the command line (serial port or LOM) I'd prefer LOM because I can mount an image/file and transfer it to the 14000 appliance.


Is there also a way to re-image the whole 14000 box and install the FreeBSD OS along with Xen and the SDX VM? Anyone ever had to do that? I'm looking for some suggestions, the Tech team is working to see if we can fix this. Any input is appreciated!





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Carl, do you know which hard drives would be in scope for RMA? I have Citrix listing the following drives:

1. FRU Solid-state drive 240 GB - blank

2. FRU Solid State drive sdx 14000,m 2 drive kit <----- OK?

3. FRU SSD 480 GB Blank


I'm inclined to specify #2; I just wanted to get Someone's feedback at Citrix who understands this hardware platform.



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