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Creating some email alert Rules in ADM 13.0 36.27 and having problems when trying to add items via "Select Failure Objects." The items are not showing up

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I have created several email alerts using ADM and they work great.  However, when I am trying to add some more Networks\Events\Rules, I have an issue.  After I select the Instance to be considered, I go to the next section "Select Failure Objects" and I do not see my Services or LBs.  I found that if I went back to the ADC and "Disabled" a Service Group, then I could go back to the ADM and then go into the Instance\Citrix ADC and check the box and under Select Action choose Rediscover.  Then sometimes the objects will show up under Networks\Events\Rules... edit the Rule and "Select Failure Objects."  How can I get the full list of objects to monitor from an ADC into the ADM? 

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