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Does the MPX 5901 support (nCore)

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Hi All,


First post on here so hopefully in the right place.


Our NetScaler Gateway is a MPX-5901 (NSMPX-5900 8*CPU+6*E1K+2*IX+1*E1K+1*COL 8925 30130)

Current installed release is NS12.0.58.15.nc


We have been plagued with VPN issues with users either disconnecting frequently or not being able to connect at all without rebooting several times.

Looking at the release notes there a a few VPN related fixes which will hopefully improve our situation without having to look at another product.

Strange thing is some users never have problems and others are on and off.


Which leads me to my question below..

Does anyone know if the MPX 5901 supports (nCore)

The compatibility matrix states (Which I can't see in the downloads options) and as the latest supported versions.



Likewise if we purchase the SA again will version 13.0 build 41.20 be supported on the MPX 5901?

Would like to use the pre-login features on the VPN in future..





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Thanks Carl,  I appreciate your speedy response.


Unfortunately due to oversight.. the SA expired so am limited to updates that are pre-March this year.


Hopefully can get the cost approved and can take your advice and go straight to 53.13


Just checked the release notes and that version has the VPN pre-login too which is great so will definitely push for the SA.


Cheers again!





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