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Check with # in URL

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In Netscaler ADC VPX 12,

I have to prevent access to URLs with paths beginning with "/report/app/kibana#/dev_tools".

I've added an appfw policy test_policy with:
expression =

Unfortunately it does not work. It seems that the problem lies in the presence of the '#' character in the URL.

With Thanks in Advance!







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I have also hit issues whenever there is a '#' in a URL.  We wanted to send traffic to different LBs using data "after" the '#'.  We never got it to work.

Here is why.  In the HTTP protocol, the '#' symbol is used as an anchor on a particular page.  In other words, it can reference a section of the page below the top or something like that.  Since it is not related to anything on the web server, the web client will not even send it to the web server (or to the ADC in front of the web server).  After a call with Citrix Support, we finally figured that out.  We also use CURL -v from the command line and could see that anything after the '#' is dropped and NOT sent to the ADC.

When the packet comes back, the client will add the '#' reference to the page it receives to navigate down the page.


This is how I understand the '#' issue.



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