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How to migrate from NetScaler Gateway to Unified Gateway?


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we are currently using Netscaler Gateway in Clientless Access mode providing users Apps, Desktops and Gateway Bookmarks. I would like to start using the Unified Gateway, but there seems to be very little instructions on how to migrate from existing NetScaler Gateway setup to Unified Gateway. I want to use the same URL, same ip-address and same certificate that I've been using on NetScaler Gateway. Our certificate subject is populated with the FQDN.


All I've found is this support article, but it is old, and I want to keep using the NetScaler Gateway Portal instead of using StoreFront as landing page: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX220370 Are there better instructions anywhere?


Could I achieve this simply by using the Unified Gateway wizard? We have ADC VPX 12.1 53.12.

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