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implausibly old time stamp 1970-01-01 08:00:00

Hung Pham


So, I am trying to convert a VPS to a raw file



mkdir my-virtual-machine

tar -xf <.xva file> -C my-virtual-machine

xva-img -p disk-export my-virtual-machine/Ref\:20/ disk.img


However, tar always returns error:


tar: Ref:20/00010239: implausibly old time stamp 1970-01-01 08:00:00

tar: Ref:20/00010239.checksum: implausibly old time stamp 1970-01-01 08:00:00


It did create disk.img with the correct size. However, when I imported to a new KVM system, it could not find out the current partitions, so cannot boot. It's booted to dracut emergency shell.

I wonder if that warnings could be the reason? If yes, how to avoid that? I already chose verification after exporting from Citrix XenCenter.


Please advice.


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7 hours ago, Alan Lantz said:

I've never used xva-img, but /Ref:\20 means disk 20, right ? 





So when decompressing the xva file, the content is extracted to my-virtual-machine folder, with one ova.xml file and a Ref:20 folder. I am not sure how the number appears, because with the same VPS, the first time I exported (without verification), the folder name was Ref:6. Then the second time exporting with verification, the folder is Ref:20.


5 hours ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

I've seen that error before for VDI exports. As long as it succeeds it should be OK. Does it work or does it fail when you see that error message?




When I saw the error, I made a search, this thread is saying that can be corrupt archives. However, I have exported with verification option, which Xenserver / Xencenter should verify it already. I also double checked the date on the server, it's correct. Not sure why the date of extracted content is 01.01.1970. I exported from a Xenserver 7.6, with XenCenter 8.0. Tested exporting directly with xe command in CLI, but still the same error.

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