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MCS Non Persistent Windows 10 Update lockdown

Andrew Gresbach1709152664


I am just curious how everyone is handling Windows 10 MCS non persistent  VDA's not getting Windows updates pulled down (so we can just control that in the monthly image updates like usual).    I've tried disabling the service but built in scheduled tasks just turn it back on again (and disabling those scheduled tasks somehow get re-enabled again)


we've tried pointing the image to our WSUS server and created a group that should have no approved updates but run into the following issues there:


1.  cannot figure out how to force machines to check in and instead they trickle in every now and again and we need to manually move them to that group

2.  even after we move them, they seem to disappear from that group and then show up under unassigned again after a while


hoping someone has some suggestions as we're getting windows updates being pulled down into our app layering user layers now


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