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CPU Usage of System Process

Philipp Mair




we have seen a strange issue on some of our Terminalservers. We noticed that the process "System" is constantly using 25 percent of the CPU.

The issue happens randomly but once it happens, the CPU usage can remain like this for more than 15 minutes.


I checked the system process in detail using Process Explorer and there's allways the same thread using all the CPU: ntoskrnl.exe!PoFxSetComponentLatency+0x844

I also attached a screenshot.


The reason why I'm posting my question here is that the only similarity of the affected servers is Citrix Provisioning Services. Citrix Terminalservers without PVS don't have this issue.

We are using Windows Server 2016 and Citrix PVS 7.15 and 1906. All VMs are running on VMWare VMware ESXi, 6.7.0.


Maybe anyone can give me a hint on this.






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Yes we found the cause for high CPU usage: It was actually WEM memory management.

We disabled WEM for a few days and we didn't see any issues. After that we tried to change our setting because 10 minute idle time was way too aggressive.

After setting idle time to 120 minutes we still see some spikes but I guess this behavior is by design.


So Paul can you check if you have WEM in use?

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Thanks so much, yes we are using WEM and we have even more aggressive intervals for memory management at 5 minutes. I'll raise this through Citrix to get a good understanding and will also try your suggestion and monitor very closely. It absolutely makes sense though, I guess that default of 120 minutes is there for a reason and you get nothing for free.


Thanks for your reply - Paul

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Glad to help Paul. Please let me know if you get any feedback from Citrix.

Another positive side effect of increasing time limit to 120 in our environment was the reduction of IOPS. And we still have good memory reduction so there was no bit trade off for us.




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