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Outlook stuck / not clickable

Ricardo Holdorf1709160685




i recently deploy a new mcs Environment for an customer.

The Base is an server2016 with office 365. Vda version is up2date

Now i have an really weired problem.

Some User have the problem , after a while, that outlook not response to any clicks. The Problem is not that that outlook not responds, only that it is not possible to click anymore in the app.

like there is an window that have to be accept beforce i can interact again with Outlook.


Two users told me, when they minimize the desktopviewer and maximize again the problem occurs.

Mist of the user never had this issue.


I already update office, but makes no difference.

I solved the issue for one user by downgrading the receiver from 1909 to 4.12


i already exclude outlook for cpu optimization in wem.

citrix files was not installed during vda install process.


the second thing is that sometimes the reading pane is empty, but resizing the outlook window fixed that.


i‘m happy for any suggestions.

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Hi ,

is the User Session ok (Connected ?) when Outlook stucks?


I got the same issue with Outlook 2013 and after the User get an Email the complete Citrix Session freezes.


Immediately afterwards the user session was disconnected.


Just one User was affected.


The solution for me was a clean installation (multiple times Reciever cleanup tool) of the Citrix Reciever / Workspace App.

Problem was that the Reciever has always crashed when Outlook gets an Email.  ( Error in Eventlog at Client Computer)


XenDesktop 7.15 Cu3 - Receiver 4.9.8000

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I have the same issue with Dynamics AX. When you minimize the app, sometimes, it will not come back out of the taskbar. I have to close the receiver and reopen it. The last time I've seen issues with this, it was due to having 3 screens running at once, but I had it happen on just 2 screens as well. There is a bug they claim to have fixed LD1558 which may have introduced this problem, I'm not sure. 

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