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Migrate Citrix infrastructure to azure

uday kiran


we are planning to migrate 7.15 Xendesktop to Azure.


 It consists of:


2 x Storefront servers.

2 x Database servers.

2 x Delivery Controllers (licensing)

30 x VDAs (booting from PVS)

2 x PVS servers.


can anyone help me what is the procedure to migrate on-premises Citrix infra to Azure.

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There are a few things to consider here
- PVS is not supported in Azure so you are going to need to move to MCS 
- Migrating SQL clusters into Azure can be very complex


If I were in your shoes, I would be considering the following:
- Build a new master image in Azure (either convert and migrate OR build a new one)
- Deploy a new Database Server in Azure
- Build a new Farm in Azure (controllers, director, licencing)
- Build new StoreFront Servers in Azure
- Migrate Configurations from on Prem Farm to Azure-based Farm
- Add File Services for user Data into Azure
- Configure Site Aggregation for co-existence or perform cutover (depending on your business requirements)

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