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Dictation Broken on Secure Web and HTML text fields on iOS 13

Julio Schwarzbeck




We have an application written in HTML5/jQuery which is executed through Secure Web. we also have dictation enabled so users can add "work notes" in several places within the app.


Under iOS 12.x, selecting dictation by tapping on the "microphone" icon on the iPhone's virtual keyboard, allowed our users to dictate correctly. After upgrading to iOS 13 (currently 13.1.2), dictation comes up, but a second or two while dictating a note, the cursor automatically "resets" and moves to the beginning of the field, greatly affecting the dictation action, in some cases, the dictated text just gets overwritten by whatever sentence the user dictated seconds after.


We started seeing the exact same behavior elsewhere, for example, applications compiled using apache Cordova's UIWebView have the exact same issue as I described above (https://github.com/apache/cordova-ios/issues/682), Evernote's app (html renderer) having the same issue. (https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/121499-iphone-upgrade-to-130-causing-issue-with-dictation/)


If we render our application through regular iOS Safari, the dictation works just fine (uses its own html renderer). It seems like applications that implement UIWebView control to display web content are being affected, we'd like to see if Secure Web falls in the same category.


Our Setup: iOS 13.1, Secure Hub, Secure Web


To Repro


Create a blank html page with just an text or textarea element, and through Secure Web, try to use dictation on the field - The dictation does not flow normally.


If anyone has experienced this, we'd appreciate any feedback on the matter.



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We're almost certain that this is regarding UIWebView.


We were able to test this by using an app on the apple store that allows to test websites using either UIWebView and WKWebView




We opened it, and then we went to google (or any site that has a text box), then use dictation on it .. UIWebView fails, whereas WKWebView works fine.

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