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Citrix components on 2019 DataCenter core

Chaitanya k1709152565

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Hi chaitanyakumar0


I have never attempted to install StoreFront on Server 201* core and Citrix does not list support for it here.  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/storefront/current-release/system-requirements.html

I suspect because the server core OS is not in the list of whitelisted OSs StoreFront will not even install on core as you have already discovered.  Even if IIS and .NET Framework are supported on core the installer still will not permit this. 
Also how would you run the WCF MMC StoreFront admin console on Windows server core?  StoreFront can be managed entirely via Powershell but I doubt it would even install if we added it to the supported OS whitelist.  

What you are attempting is not supported.  



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