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NetScaler HA between VPX on SDX and VPX on VMware (migration interim step)


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I have some VPXes on VMware and want to "migrate" them to 2 SDXes. These VPXes are in HA pairs.


The current firmware versions of the 3 VPX pairs are:  11.0 63.16.nc, 11.0 70.12.nc, 12.1 50.31.nc

I thought about "migrating" a VPX pair in this manner:

- build 2 new NetScalers on the 2 SDXes using firmware 12.1 Build 54.13

- break the HA pair which reside on VMware and shutdown the unused VPX on VMware

- add one VPX which run on SDX in the HA pair with the running VMware one

- once the synch is done, do a failover to make the VPX running on SDX primary

- break the HA pair again, and shutdown the last VMware VPX

- add the second VPX running on the other SDX in the HA pair

- then get rid of the VPXes on VMware (delete them)

- repeat the same process for the other 2 HA pairs.


My questions are: 

Is the process listed above supportable ?

Will the Netscalers be supported after this procedure ?




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I know this is old but incase people find this and not other articles like Carl's (link below) I've commented on a few times....

you don't actually have to break HA. it just wont work till you finish migrating. do a forced failover. behave like its a firmware update. except force disabling config/file syncs if you need to update the secondary to have 'different' hardware ie interfaces (1GB->10GB or visa-versa)

Citrix wont 'support' different hardware in a HA pair. but that's as you cant create a HA pair with different hardware. trust me you can go 10->1 or 1->10 and have HA work, even if only forced failover. I've verified this moving several HA pairs from SDX->VMware/etc

You can get support no issues if the migrated VPX's are in a supportable state and 'failing' ie both are on same 'hardware', ie that is POST migration. I can verify this with support cases post migration, including immediately after migration. If you can talk to the right people in Citrix they will agree this can/will work, and work well they just cant support it as each case is potentially too unique. 

I find this quite humorous that for a HA system they say it should be completely offline for 15+ min while you do this their way. me my way is similar and milliseconds of downtime as only planned failovers.

Carl has made suggestions here involving downtime. that will work perfectly. I've added suggestions to avoid the downtime as our customers are downtime and risk adverse. I've had to change configs in HA nodes for VLAN changes, and all sorts of other configs when we physically moved kit between DC's my steps are based on everything we have learned doing all of this on top of basic identical hardware migrations. 

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