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Secure Mail - 3rd Party Keyboard - iPad Pro

Bjoumlrn Teszligmer




i have a problem with Secure Mail on iPad Pro (2nd Generation)
I have an 3rd party keyboard attached to my ipad pro. its a logitech slim combo.

writing and shortcuts are working fine. but if i write an e-mail and i'm going to change the text of the mail i can't use the arrow keys.

Arrow Keys are working in subject and recipient.


Block third-party keyboards MDX policy for Secure Mail is turned off.


Maybe someone can give a tip or has the answer.


Greetings from Germany


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2 hours ago, Vineet Kumar said:

Thanks for reporting this Björn. We are looking into it and will have a fix available soon.

I have the same problem, does that mean you guys are aware of the problem? This problem also exists in the Citrix Secure Web.

We have tried on 2 different iPad including the iPadOS 13.1.2 and iPadOS 13.1.3 and both had the same issue. I think the Secure app needs to be updated?



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Hi Skozaa,


As you know this is an Apple regression on UIWebView on iOS 13 and it requires us to move to WKWebView. We have a test flight build available with the fix. IF you are interested in trying out the fix let me know your Apple ID and we will enable access for the test build for you to try. We are working on getting the changes ready for app store release as it is a major change we need few more days for release.




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