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would you tell me how to import and export policies on Citrix Sutudio automatically?

Oohashi Kazuhiro


hi everyone.


If somebody know how to import policies and export policies on the Citrix Studio of Citrix Delivery Controler,let me know that.


The detail is following.


In my project , we want regularaly to export plolicies on the Citrix Studio and update the date to S3.

When some events (such as disaster and so on ) happen,we want to import the policies into Citrid Studio on the different site.


And I will make the job to do these things automotically,using powershell and so on.


If somebody know the commands of powershellor how to make them,would you tell me that?


the following is Xen Version;

XenApp 7.15.4000


Thanks & Regards,


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If you want to import the policies to the same site , below mentioned article describes how to export and import the XenDesktop policies for backup and disaster recovery purposes.




Export or import will not work if you try to import the exported policy on a different site. The policy contains some very site-specific information and export or import works only in the same site.



Anjani Bhiravabhatla

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asnp Citrix*
New-PSDrive Site -PSProvider CitrixGroupPolicy -Root \ -Controller localhost
Export-BrokerDesktopPolicy | Out-File -FilePath "C:\all-ctx-policy.txt"



asnp Citrix*
New-PSDrive Site -PSProvider CitrixGroupPolicy -Root \ -Controller localhost
Import-BrokerDesktopPolicy (Get-Content "C:\all-ctx-policy.txt")

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