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TM1 plugin not loading with Excel 2016

James C1709161346




I have a very weird issue with getting TM1 plugins to load with published Excel 2016. The problem here is that this issue doesn't happen to everyone.



- XenApp 7.6 with Excel 2016 published couple with GPO to specific *.xla locations

- Appropriate permissions given to users


Scenario 1:

- Excel 2016 launches OK with 2 TM1 plugins loaded with no issues via published app

- Same as above but Excel 2016 being launched on XenApp server itself with user being part of "Direct Access Users" group on the server


Scenario 2:

- Excel 2016 launches with error message saying TM1 plugins cannot be accessed by Excel and showing 3 possible reasons

- Same as above except that Excel 2016 launces OK with no issues within RDP session on the server


User does not have local admin or special privileges on the server. I've been reading a lot of related articles and they are all saying that this is permissions related. However, appropriate permissions have been given hence why this works for most of the users, but doesn't for some users.


To get around this, I've had to add the user into local admin group on the server. This isn't of course ideal but for now user can work with no interruptions.


EDIT: forgot to mention that we also use citrix profile, and I believe this may have something to do with the issue we're seeing.


Can anyone shed some light on the solution please?


Thank you.


EDIT: worked it out myself. I needed to execute the below before installation of TM1 and after





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