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One Server per Cluster

Scott Ferguson1709155091


Hi. I have 6x Esxi Standard Hosts.

I am deploying Windows 10 1906 Xendesktop Non Persistent Machines.

I have a HDS Flash array.

I am still in POC/Test phase

Initially I put all Hosts in a Cluster, created a Connection/Resource to vcenter and allocated 3 Luns/datastores to it. Work fine.

I added 3 more luns to the hosts in the cluster to spread the load over all cpus in the SAN and this is working fine.

As I dont have DRS in my license I was contemplating creating a vmware cluster for each host and creating a connection/resource for each host with its own lun. My thinking is that this was I can control exactly how many vms get assigned to a host and it corresponding storage. A simple was to load balance, also a great way to take a hosts offline and/or do upgrades as you know exactly whats vms are on that host.


Can anyone see any cons (or pros not mentioned) to doing this?




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