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Secure Mail - iPad Mini Issue with Images

Bjoumlrn Teszligmer




i have a problem with Secure Mail on iPad Mini (5th Generation)
If i send a mail with an attached image or an inline image i will get an error while opening it.

It doesn't matter if i try to open it on pc or on another iDevice. Other users have the same issue.

If i send an image from another iPad (pro) or an iPhone i'm able to open the image without any problem.

No i don't know if its only me and my Endpoint Management or if others have the same problem.

Maybe someone can give a tip or has the answer.


Greetings from Germany


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Hi Björn,


We have done the required changes from our end to fix this issue. 

Please try restarting the app and see if the issue is resolved now?

You don't need to change the Secure Mail app, you can try with the already installed Secure mail app. You just need to restart the app in order to get the changes done by us.


Note: Please make sure your device is not running into Low Power Mode while trying this. Since in Lower Power mode, Changes might not be reflected.



@Vineet Kumar

@Udaya kiran


Thanks and Regards,
Shyam Ji Mishra

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