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Chromebooks and NVidia GRID

Tyler Dickey1709161241


Hello everyone,

I come here because Citrix and NVidia have both been struggling to provide me with any concrete information. We're trying to get dual monitors working for chromebooks, with hardware encoding enabled for our GPU setup. We are hoping to utilize hardware encoding for the entire screen, rather than selective h.264. This works fine when launching a single monitor Citrix session, however if we full screen it across 2 or more monitors it does not work. They are simple 1080p monitors and this issue happens across multiple chrome devices including i5 cpu chromebooks, chromeboxes, etc.

Our setup:
Delivery controller: LTSR 7.15.300
VDA: 1906
Windows OS: 1809 x64
Nvidia driver version: 9.1 on both host and guest
Imaging: Image created through app layering, and published with MCS (static persistent desktops). I am using the platform layer for nvidia drivers, then installing the vda afterwards. There is an app layering nvidia fix we also perform prior to installing the drivers (regarding unifiltr) registry key.
GPU: Tesla T4 Turing 16gb GPU, 2 in each host.

I am at a loss as to what to try. We have played with google policy and used the chrome configuration utility from citrix:


This works fine from a windows endpoint, but dual monitors I cannot get working from any kind of chrome device. This is really preventing us from moving forward with our POC and any help would be greatly appreciated.

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