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Stopping and Deleting Prov-tasks and removing Resources

David Taylor1709155245


We updated our Vcenter to a brand new machine. With this we have new connection and resources. So I want to get rid of the old resources (3 of them) and connection, since that one no longer exists. I went to remove the resources and it told me it has around 40 background actions running. So I found an article which shows the stuff that is running for that particular resource... I go to remove the prov-task and it say it is still running. I go to stop it, and it says it is successful, but when I then go to remove it, it says it is still running. So I found another article that says to shut down the second DC and try it, and it still won't let me stop and remove this. Has anyone else ran into this? Also, is there a way to do this en-masse for these tasks? Even if this did work, going through this convoluted process to retrieved 40 tasks, stop them and then remove them for 3 sets of resources would take a long time. TIA for any help. This is 7:15 LTSR

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