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Cant upgrade storefront from 1903 to 1909

Richard Phillips

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For some reason I am unable to upgrade our 1903 storefront to 1909.


I have done this through trying to upgrade the entire server (controller, storefront etc). We run a single server as a controller and storefront. Licence server is a separate vm which has already been upgraded to 1909.


I really am at a loss of whats going on, and support seems a bit stumped.


I have attached the log files that I think are the ones required. 


I have followed this on the advice of support and the only thing remaining is the uninstall and reinstall of StoreFront.




I have been able to remove storefront, and then reinstall the newer version, however I am fairly new to CItrix and ideally want to do the inplace upgrade, or at very least export the current config, install the newer version, and then import the previous config so hopefully no one notices/has to change anything. 



I have looked at this, but when I import it cant do it as it implies that the importing version is not compatible with the newer build of store front.

citrix-deliveryservicessetupconsole-2019-10-07-13-28-14.json Citrix-DeliveryServicesSetupConsole-2019-10-07-13-28-14.txt CitrixMsi-CitrixStoreFront-x64-2019-10-07-13-28-41.log XenDesktop Installation.log

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Is this folder present?


If yes, is C:\Windows\assembly\GAC_MSIL\Citrix.DeliveryServices.ProtocolTransition.Configuration\<dynamic named folder>\Citrix.DeliveryServices.ProtocolTransition.Configuration.dll file present?

If not, then please restore it from C:\Program Files\Citrix\Receiver StoreFront\Features\ProtocolTransition\admin.

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Hi Rich


Apologies for the bad upgrade experience you have had.  I would recommend decoupling your DDC and STF in the future as it allows independent upgrade of either component.  Also upgrade failure of one component will not negatively impact the other if the two are decoupled.  Running them on the same server is supported if you do prefer this.  

Backing up your working StoreFront configuration is accomplished like this using PowerShell......

Open the Powershell ISE and choose "run as admin"

Export-STFConfiguration -TargetFolder "$env:userprofile\desktop\" -ZipFileName "Backup" -NoEncryption

Make sure you specify the desired HostBase URL on import.

Import-STFConfiguration -configurationZip "$env:userprofile\desktop\Backup.zip" -HostBaseUrl "https://storefront.example.com"

Regards mark

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