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HTML5 not working on mobile devices and Safari on MAcbook

Miroslav Blasko

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we have simple setup.

One NG v13.0Build41.20., one DDC XA7.15.4000  and VDAs XA7.19

Users are using NG only from external networks, only HTML5 is enabled. 

(In internal network they use just storefront  and Citrix receiver from another store.)


Firefox, Chrome,IE working just fine. The issue is only on Macbook's Safari and mobile device. Mackbook's Chrome is just fine.

After authentication on NG, user is redirected to storefront..when he/she clics on DESKTOP icon, the error pops up:


Citrix Workspace app canbot create a secure connection in this browser. Please refer to a CTX134123.


The mobile devices simply shows blank white screen.


Till september we did not have this issue. Any idea?


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