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Citrix Virtual Desktops Setup does not find catalogs

Baumgartner AG


Dear Citrix Community


I wanted to create some additional VMs with CVDS Wizard, but suddenly it does not find my existing catalogs anymore... The needed catalog here will be "Desktop ACAD LT", but in the drop down list, it only shows "testserver". 




PVS Server Version is 1903. Machine catalog is already upgraded to 1811 or higher in Citrix studio. 



I'll be very thankful if somebody can give me a hint on whats wrong here. :)


Regards, Cedy

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14 hours ago, Akshay Mane1709160863 said:

Can you provide more details since when you unable to find the existing citrix virtual desktop machine catalog on wizard.





Hi Akshay


Sorry for the late response. It was my fault, I've chosen VDA Version 7.9 in the wizard, but didn't recognize that there is a 7.20 choice, because it was not shown in a row.


Thank you very much, regards, Cedy

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