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Xenapp 7.15 resource connection

Carlos Pacheco1709161285




I am designing a disaster recovery solution to be able to use the same MCS image in both production and disaster recovery datacenters.

Assuming that my producton datacenter goes down or that we have to activate DR scenario.



Is it possible to copy my main MCS master image from one datacenter to the other and create disaster recovery VDAs from the same image?

Im confused because i am under the impression that the MCS image has bindings to the resource connection.

So in my case, once i copy the MCS image to DR and try to use it to deploy new Machine catalog, and deploy new DR VDA machines, does it still point to the previous host connection? or will it find the DR resource connection?



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The master image has ListOfDDCs that points to Delivery Controllers in the production data center. You can easily use a Citrix Policy to modify the Controllers list for the VDAs that boot in the recovery data center.


Each data center is separate VDA machines on separate hosting connections so there's no conflict.

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