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Cache Redirect (Forward Proxy) access and authorisation

I Carhslton

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Hi - Ive inherited an infrastructure that utilises a netscaler, for amongst other things Proxying all outgoing internet traffic for the entire site via a Cache redirection /forward proxy. Which as far as I can tell is set up fairly typically for this sort of function.


I am now required to restrict outgoing traffic to only  authenticated users on the network (and maybe in future even further, to only certain groups). The requirements are a little vague at the moment but I am assuming that seamless domain authentication is ok without actual prompts (but maybe that is the intention),  -  LDAP authentication polices to the domain DCs are configured on the netscaler for the Netscaler Gateway so I am thinking I can leverage these?


Ultimately I am just looking for a really top level idea of how this would be approached (AAA/policy etc), as my expertise in this is very limited, from which I can go away and read up on. It may well be something really obvious like a check box Ive missed that achieves this function. Any pointers would be appreciated

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