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Import to hypervisor 8 from xenserver 7.6 network failure

Mike Hampton


I have two servers, one is xenserver 7.6, other is newly installed CH8.  I exported a Windows 10 VM to local machine, then imported it to CH8 host.  I can't seem to make the network function.  I've deleted network and rebooted VM to reinstall on CH8, but no luck.  Error is invalid configuration, NIC can't get IP via DHCP.

Hosts are both Dell 2950's used in lab environment for testing.

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The CH8 host was running xenserver 7.6 fine.  I'm trying to update.  The CH8 host Network is fine, I can see/control in Xencenter without issue. I have not tried a new guest install on this host yet.  I can't move guests from my xenserver 7.6 to the new CH8 due to it complaining that hosts are not same version.  They do share NFS storage, but that doesn't help me.  My only way to preserve my existing VM's is to export from the 7.6 server to the local xencenter computer then import to the new CH8.  Everything works fine except for the network on the VM.


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I would create a new guest and see how that goes. It may be you need firmware or drivers to make 

it work properly. Exporting/Importing is just suppose to magically work.  If you are licensed you

should have been able to do a migration between pools. Not sure why it would complain 

about the hosts not being the same version.




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New windows 10 guest was created on the CH8 server, runs fine and network is also working.  The odd thing is that the imported VM, originally created on a Xenserver 7.6, has the network adaptor shown in Device Manager as "Xenserver PV network Device #0"  with a bunch of WAN Mini port entries.  The newly created VM has only "Realtek RTL8139" adaptor.

It would appear that CH8 does not support the Xenserver PV device.  So much for compatibility.

Forgot to mention in my first post that I am using the FREE express editions on both servers.

Let me know if there is a way around this problem, otherwise I'd have to recreate all the VM's on the 7.6 server rather than export/import.

If I do that, I might as well move on to some other free host software for testing.


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Okay, RealTek just means you haven't installed the XenTools yet. Is your current VM

on the latest XenTools version?  XenTools is just the old name for Management Agent.




You could either update  Management Agent and export/import or you could 

uninstall the Management Agent, export/import then install the Management

Agent again.  Be sure and backup and/or snapshot the VM in case something 

goes wrong you have something to go back to.




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OK so it looks like my mistake in importing the VM, I'm testing this now, will know for sure later.  When importing,  it asks about Networking, you must not take the default but scroll over to the right side of screen and select the TARGET to be Network 0, not the defaulted in value of Host Internal Management Network.

On an existing VM, I deleted the network listed in Xencenter and added the one that said Network 0.  It seems to have corrected it.  

I'll post here if the new import works later.  Takes a while to import.


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