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OneDrive removed in OS layer but back in new platform layer and cannot be removed.

Ross Faverty1709158252


App Layer

In our OS layer (Windows 10 1803) I have taken the following steps to remove OneDrive:


1. Uninstalled OneDrive from Control Panel

2. Disabled and deleted OneDrive tasks in Task Scheduler

3. Modified the OneDrive GPO to prevent OneDrive usage

4. Deleted OneDriveSetup.exe from %systemroot%\syswow64

5. Rebooted and double-checked all of the above - all changes stuck. 

6. Finalized the OS Layer. 


When creating a new Platform Layer from the same OS layer/Version all of the above are implemented except for OneDriveSetup.exe and its reliant files are back in the %systemroot%\syswow64 directory and unlike in the OS layer I cannot delete them. I'm logged in as local admin and local admin is the owner of said files but it says that I need permission from local admin to modify/delete those files. I went back to my OS layer (created a new version) and confirmed that all of the steps that I took previously have stuck including deleting OneDriveSetup.exe from %systemroot%\syswow64.


My point is, this is not an issue in the OS layer so why onedrivesetup.exe back in the platform layer and why cant I delete it?


The reason for us wanting to delete OneDriveSetup.exe in particular is that per ControlUp reporting OneDriveSetup.exe is always a top CPU & IOPS consumer across our machines/images.

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