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windows 10 1809

prasant chettrri


I build a Windows 10 image on Citrix Virtual desktop. I used Citrix optimizer image wizard which does not have any registry setting related to disable application notification, however, I do not see any apps for the option under "Get notification from these senders"  under the windows 10 notification center. I am trying to enable "google chrome" and "Print Notification" but without the application listed I don't see any option to enable it. 

Chrome does have native option by browsing to chrome://flags/#enable-native-notification but I need to figure out the way to add in windows notification center.

I went through bunch of forums but most of them points to GP for adding dword value to disable it which is my case is not applicable as not configured state should have it enabled and same with user registry settings for toast which is already enabled

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Open Settings by pressing Windows Key+I.

First, navigate to System > Notifications & actions section and check if the required notifications have been enabled.

Then navigate to Privacy > Background Apps. This will reveal a list of apps which run in the background and send you notifications on your citrix xendesktop.

Toggle on Let apps run in the background and then Reboot your computer

However, if it is already toggled on, toggle it off, and then turn it back on.

Also ensure that KB4476976 is installed on windows 10 if not then install the same to fix the notification issue.






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