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Updating Citrix VDA on platform Layer - Fails

Campbell Kay


Hi Guys,


Just checking if im doing something wrong here.


i have tried now from 1903 to 1906 updating the VDA software, it seems to fail each time, in the end i just rebuilt my platform layer.


now im trying to update from 1906 to 1909, again it just fails, it seems to fail on the HDX component. i then thought ill just uninstall it, this fails as well.


Then i thought ok, ill run the VDA removal tool on that layer,  then my VM rebooted with no network connection, being its in azure that put an end to that.


what is the process in updating the VDA in the platform layer, should i rebuild my platform layer each time? 


it looks like its missing the msi to uninstall the previous version. 


Surely this should be a simple task, but maybe slightly different with applayering?



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