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Citrix Workspace app not opening 2nd instance of published application

Steve Istas


1 application in 7.15 CU4 using Storefront. Multiple servers have the application published.


User launches the published application and it opens without issue. User clicks on the application a 2nd time within Workspace and the application starts to load, but then it does 1 of 2 things.

1. It does nothing and the 1st instance stays open.

2. It closes the 1st instance of the application and reconnects to that session.


If I do a reset of Citrix Workspace the user can then launch the application twice without any issues. I've had to reset Workspace a few times now so the user can open the application more than once at the same time.


Any idea how to resolve this issue other than resetting Workspace? Could this be an issues with the users local profile on the endpoint?

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Hi, What version of workspace are your users using? I have had problems with some of the later workspace versions, 1903 in particular, yet users on older versions do not have problems. 


One version i have found to be solid is 1810 which is now a year old, but doesnt seem to have the same problems. https://www.citrix.com/downloads/workspace-app/legacy-workspace-app-for-windows/workspace-app-for-windows-18101.html 


As a test you could always install an older Workspace version, see if you no longer have to reset it. 



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