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Slowness and lag upon login/logoff

Andy Nguyen1709159162




We been having this issue for about 6 months now and we can't seem to figure it out! In the morning with login and in the afternoon with logoffs rush, all of our current users on published desktop would experience a lag in response to mouse click, application would take while to open, and etc. We were able to ruled out hardware or VM because we were able to RDP locally into the VDA and no issues or slowness were found. This proves that the issue is on Citrix. 


Below is our current configurations

Vmware 6.7U2 

Complete 10GB network


Citrix 7.15.4000 LTSR Virtual App 

Published Desktop Farm - 400 users 10 Servers 16vCPU with 96GB RAM  - Persistent Manual VMs

One single file server for profile roaming with DFS

Citrix UPM - exclude the usual recommended/folders/files 

Redirection enabled on desktop,download,document,etc

Redirection enabled on OST file via Outlook 3 months cache mode 

Profile Streaming and active write back enabled 


Originally we thought it was our hybrid ssd/spinning disk SAN, but we have upgraded to a FULL SSD SAN and the issue still persist (significantly less but still there). We are at a lost now and looking for any help if possible. Citrix support pull traces and logs without any luck. 


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A couple of things that flag:

- Active Writeback is the devil. Are you having multiple users writing to the same profile location (Store) at the same time? if not, turn it off

- OST redirection is also nasty - hopefully, it's using a container of some sort (FSLogix or Citrix UPM) and not pure file system based redirection to shared storage?

- what other redirection is in play - hopefully not AppData, Searches, Start Menu etc?

- Any form of nasty AV playing on your file servers?

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Active Writeback, yes its a global settings, all users are actively writing back to  single file server. Should I disabled it? 

OST redirection is done through group policy. Citrix UPM has containers like FSLogix? I think it is pure file system based redirection to shared storage (ie one file server). Please see attached. 

Other than OST redirection, we are also redirecting Desktop, Download, Documents but no appdata, searches like netcahce and stuff are downloaded directly into the C drive of the VDA when users log in. 

We have Symantec SEP15 on all VDAs, I have added a few exclusion like the citrix folder, user folders, pagefile, print spooler  yesterday. Hopefully it makes a difference. 



Annotation 2019-10-03 072505.png

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Yes disable it - active write back is nasty. There are very few environments where I would ever consider turning it on - profile streaming is your friend, active write back is not


OST redirection to file shares is not a great practice for many reasons - either switch to UPM based containers or go FSLogix (go FSLogix)



Antivirus tuning is critical. if it's even slightly misconfigured you will pay - Symantec, Trend, McAfee, Defender.... all of them will cripple you unless slapped. VDA's and file server configurations are just as important



FSLogix is something you should look into



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no one is really stuck on LTSR - freedom is just an upgrade away :)


Good luck - your infrastructure sounds like it should be screaming along, I am sure you won't be far off a win - It's typically AV or misconfigured profile management in the scenarios (or some random weird network flake out)



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