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User got new Workspace version and now can't copy/paste between virtual desktop and local OS.

Crippen Witmer1709159179


Our VP of Business Tech. got a new version of Workspace (1909) over the weekend and now he cannot copy text from his virtual desktop and paste into his local system (Win 10).  Read and Write are set in Preferences and he said he could do this prior to the upgrade.  I checked Citrix policies and GPO's applied to his system OU and there should be nothing restricting this.  I have my own VDI in the same delivery group/OU/VLAN, etc. and I even have the same version of Workspace and I can do it with no issue so this seems isolated to his VDI system.


I do have a case open, but figured I'd throw this out there to see if anyone else has seen this.  His time is limited, but my next step was to reset Workspace and if that doesn't work, go back down a version or two and test.


VDA - 7.15.LTSR CU3

OS - Windows 10

Workspace - 19.09


Thanks for any input.

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