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Customize message "Error not a privileged user"

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It is clearly a system error message.... whether is is accessed through a lookup table, hidden in the file structure I don't know.... if you were able to edit such a file, then it would likely be over-written whenever you upgraded the unit.


So, if you want to keep a "supported system", I suspect the answer is "No, you can't"

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Hi Christian,


it's possible via the Responder Feature, you have to create this via WebUI, it's not possible via CLI:


Go to AppExpert –> Responder –> HTML Page Imports

Create your own Error Message and bind this to a Responder Action and Policy. Bind the Responder Policy to your LB / CS / NSGW vServer.


For Details check out Julians Blogpost: https://citrixguyblog.com/2017/07/22/citrix-netscaler-loadbalancing-exchange-20132016-walkthrough-guide/ 






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