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Problems with DNS resolution in ADC VPX

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I setup DNS resolution on a new ADC VPX virtual appliance following the two articles below. However, the resolution works for the first 10 minutes and then suddenly stops. I can ping via the VPX shell using IPs but not FQDNs. You can see in the attachment that the resolution works initially, but then it stops. Any ideas what might be going wrong?


The VPX is a virtual appliance deployed in a VMware ESXI box. The DNS servers I provide are correct as we use them for many other VMs we have in the ESXI environment.






Thanks for any help!



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If you go into DNS / Records / A records, you'll see the cached DNS entries (assuming they are actually there!)


This sounds like a DNS problem.... where is your DNS server pointed to? Can you check the DNS more directly against it (eg in Windows, use the DNS "server" option to point to it, and do DNS lookups)

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