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Error - Cannot start app "App-name" Citrix 7.x using PVS on VDI Desktop

Joel Castillo1709161224


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Every server that starts its "Citrix Desktop service" windows service will first start "initializing" en then become "registered" (= ready to accept connections) in desktop studio. If after that the server is not in maintenance and if the load evaluator is not set to 10000 (=closed for logons) it will start dropping the load number and accept connections.


If you get the "Cannot start app "app-name" it basically means that for that delivery group there are no servers (left) available in the 'ready to accept connections' status according to the above.


You can start by checking them in studio and restart their "Citrix Desktop service" and keep refreshing (F5) the server view in Citrix Studio to see where it goes wrong. Unregistered or load evaluator 10000 means leads to your problem state and then you can dig into the windows event viewer to find out why.:






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Thanks for giving me idea , basic for others but helpful to me.  Which lead me to found the root cause, Upon checking the Studio now both servers (not only server54 having issue it is also now server52) this  are both in unregistered state (please see screenshot T-shoot1) in the Studio. And I quickly checked if I can login to the two VMS but with no avail. I didn't look on the PVS. But in VMware environment In my surprised the two VMs are showing login screen but without IP and DNS and it says Vmware tools are not installed in this machine and the status Vmware Tools: Installation in Progress both in server52 and 54. (Please see screen shot T-shoot2.jpg).


So I suspect the VMtools installation in progress is the culprit why I get unregistered state in studio. Now maybe since I don't have IP Addresses and DNS Name The citrix broker can't contact my servers. Now I'm in checking the VMware on its vmtool on why it keep trying to install it when it is already installed? When I tried rebooting 2x to 4x sometimes until the VM back in normal or online that is the time it will regitered to studio and now I can connect to citrix. This happened by the way after server reboot,  Any Idea why this vmtools is keep on installing after reboot?


Anyway I may considered this issue  now have a root cause and not in Citrix, but I'm Not sure if this is something to do in PVS setup as well.



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