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Citrix VirtualApp 7 1909 Zones, upgrade

Anibal Alvarez




Not sure if this is the right section but I have 3 questions.


1. The company is trying to move from Citrix XenApp Enterprise 5.0 to a newer version that is currently supported by Citrix. So I have read that version 7 1909 or any version 7 YYMM will only be supported for 18 months after GA. If you want a longer support (lets say 2 or more years) you should opt for LSTR versions. Is this correct? I'm seeing that the last LSTR version was 7.15 but according to Citrix is gonna be out of support this year. 


2. I'm doing a lab, because whenever the company decides to go for the upgrade, we will have to implement everything. So I'm configuring the StoreFront  the part for the adding the delivery controller. It says display name and at the end theres setting option that says Zone. In there I put NaturgyPAN, but the Zone name inside the delivery controller console is called primary. yet still everything works fine (apps published, etc). So what does really affect this Zone parameter in the StoreFront configuration?  


3. Also is there a place where to set up the farm name like in citrix 5.0?





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The 18 months support thing is true for CR, but that is more than enough these days, features and benefits of CR are well worth the small effort to update it every 6 months (that's the maintenance window not support) - unless there is a crazily good reason to stay LTSR, then CR should be the go-to (it has 5+5 years support but hopefully no-one leaves their platform that long)


For your zone question, this in StoreFront is used for when you have multiple Zones and ADC's in front of it all (Optimal Gateway Routing, HDX Gateways Etc), if you don't have a complex multi Zone setup, then you don't need to touch it in any way

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